I've had a camera in my hands, for what seems like forever, but put it away except for special occasions while life and career happened.  I've always gravitated to the photographers in the room and often said I wanted to be doing what they were doing.  It's ironic how life takes you to where you need to be but only at the time you need to be there.  My time has come and I have eagerly headed down a path that I have been preparing myself for throughout my lifetime.  I didn't realize how much of the foundation over the years had been put in place for me to realize my dream of being a professional photographer.  With each snap of the camera, it's important for me to capture and tell the story of what's unfolding before me. The memories I capture for you are important because they transform my dream into reality.  I am still finding my voice each day in photography and I'm asking you to join me on this journey, allowing me to be your photographer.

A special thank you to Kevin Trexler, Source Photography, for his guidance and mentorship.  The experience gained working as one of his photographers at events for Facebook, Visa, RSA Security, Box, and Ernst & Young has been invaluable.  He's helped make this journey so much fun.

- Kenneth E. Huff